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hehe the names JESS! Cuban on one side Jamaican on the other hehe get at me <3 GOD= #1!! Seventh-Day Adventist ^_^ i blog about whatever intrigues me lol its just a whole bunch of stuff i like. this is a no hate blog. lol oh and ask as many questions as you want and send me messages saying anything you'd like! I don't do promos just so you knoww and sometimes it takes me a while to follow back but I love you all! BESOS! :) <3

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i’m tasteless but so is water and we all need that

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She is only 9 and her selfie game is stronger tham mine

Future daughter


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Funny Stuff you like?

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All of you are wrong. The J in GIF is silent. Like in José.


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do u think God ever gets sad like “what do u mean u don’t love urself i worked so hard on u….”

…why is this so uplifting

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